Please Note: Autism Parents Support is a site for parents and carers of children with Autism, created by parents and carers of children with Autism - we are not trained medical experts!

PLEASE use any information on this site for guide and friendship purposes only - ALWAYS access professional medical advice for the child in question!

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When you’ve seen one child with Autism - you have seen ONE child with Autism!    Everyone is unique!
Do you have a child or young adult who is (or might be) on the Autistic Spectrum?  Do you have unanswered questions or concerns? (We do - lots!)
We also firmly believe that a little laughter now and again can help relieve the ‘stress’ of our lives day to day - and all our groups encompass that belief wholeheartedly!
This website has been designed and created by Parents and Carers - just like you!  We actually understand what YOU are experiencing - including meltdowns!!
This is an ‘offshoot’ from our Facebook group (details below) and is packed full of useful   information and anecdotes from people who ‘live’ Autism every day, an acronym     dictionary and over 85 FAQ documents covering almost everything Autism related!        Even other websites & organisations that can offer help!  Plus much more too!
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In addition to this website (please take a look around - there is a wealth of information, ideas and inspiration inside!), we also run a wide and informative range of Facebook groups and pages. Our Community Page is open to all, but the groups are by ‘invite’ only! But please, if you have an interest, come join us!