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We are a group of parents and carers, not medical experts. Always access professional medical advice if you are in any doubt for your child.

What is Autism?

Autistic  Spectrum conditions are  characterised  by deficits  in social interaction, verbal and  non-verbal communication and  repetitive  behaviours or  interests.  Many will  also experience  sensory differences

and can  present with unusual responses.  The word spectrum  is used  because,  while all  people  with

autism share three main areas of difficulty,  their condition will affect  them in very different  ways.

Some are  able to  live relatively everyday  lives, others will require  a lifetime of specialist support  at

Different  times in their  lives and may  need crisis  intervention  from time  to time.  It can be  hard to

create  awareness of Autism, parents of  children with autism often say that  other people simply  think

their child is naughty  while adults  find that  they are  misunderstood and often ostracised.

Autistic people say that their world can seem like a mass of people,  places and events that they struggle

to make sense of,  which can cause them considerable anxiety. In particular, understanding and relating to

other people, taking part in everyday family and social life is often harder for them. Other people appear to

know, intuitively, how  to communicate and interact with each other  and some people with Autism wonder

(and are confused) why they are different.

It is unusual to tell that someone has Autism just by looking at them. Because of this, it is often called a

‘hidden disability’. Autism lasts for all of a person's life, but they can still do a lot of things and learn a lot of

skills. It is called a ‘Spectrum’ condition because people with the condition vary immensely in the severity of

symptoms.  However, many people with autism can find these things difficult:

Not everyone with autism will find these things difficult. This is because everyone with Autism is different.

What causes autism?

No one truly knows - sorry! You might be looking for answers, but right now, there just aren’t any! They ARE

inching closer to answers - every week seems to bring a new ‘theory’! One thing IS sure - there is no single

cause and thus, no single answer! But please understand this - If your child has autism, it is not because

you are a bad parent.              YOU DID NOT CAUSE YOUR CHILD’S AUTISM!

More than one person in a family may have Autism and it appears it can  be  genetic. (This means

Autism  can  pass  from  parents  to their  children).  Again, no one yet  fully understands  the

complexities of  how this  all  works!