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Autism Parents Support

For Parents and Carers BY Parents and Carers

We are a group of parents and carers, not medical experts. Always access professional medical advice if you are in any doubt for your child.

Contact and General Information

You can reach us either by any of our Facebook groups or by using the email address below:


This   Autism   Parents   Support   web-site,   as  well  as  all  the  various  Facebook  forums  are

completely  independent  information  sites   -   we  are  NOT   affiliated  to  any  organisation   (business,

charity  or  State).  

Although  started  within  the  UK,   the site  and  groups  now  cover  the  globe  -  wherever  parents  need

advice,  help  or  a  laugh  from  other  people  in  the  same  position  -  we  want  to be be  there  to  help!   

We do not receive  any funding of any kind.   Ian Hughes, who  started  this all  off,   funds it  all in it’s entirety.

(You’d  be  surprised  how  much can be  done with  very  little  money!  It’s more  to  do  with  ‘time’!).

In  connection with our groups,  a major  area of  importance is  that  it is the  input of   ALL  the members of  our

Facebook  Communities.   We  are  very  much  about  the  group  as  a  whole,  not  any  single  individual. Across all our  forums,  we  have  excellent  Administration  teams,  ensuring  that  while everyone  has  the  right

to  express  their  views,  no one  has  the right  to abuse others or  cause  deliberate  offence!

We  also value the  privacy of  every member.  If  you  wish to join  but  your page gives  little  evidence that

you  ‘fit’  our member  profile,  please  don’t  be surprised  if  you get  refused.  However,  there are many

reasons  you  may  choose not  to share  such  things  publicly,  so a  quick message to any of  the

Administration  team of  that group  WILL  get  things  ‘sorted’.

                                                                                 We trust  you have found  this site  beneficial.