We are a group of parents and carers, not medical experts. Always access professional medical advice if you are in any doubt for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Certain questions keep raising their ‘heads’ again and again in connection with our ASD kids! This  page

aims to provide useful ideas &  advice across a wide range of common  questions.

It  is very difficult  to categorise  the vast  amounts of help  that is out ‘there’!  We have  tried to  bring

together as many strands as  possible under several  headings! It will never be perfect (or finished)  and

we will continually add documents as we find them.

Note:  These  files are drawn  from a vast range of sources and Autism Parents Support cannot be  held responsible for the precise content!  All files have been read  and checked, but of course, there is always more  than one way to achieve  anything!  We hope these  documents give you ideas,  thoughts  and new avenues that may assist you and your child/children.  Just click on any of the topics for them to open.

The Basics

What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (& Glossary)

What is Asperger Syndrome

How to deal with a new diagnosis

What happens after a diagnosis

The challenges of High Functioning Autism

Concerned about your child (UK)

ASD Treatments and Therapies

Explaining ASD to an ASD person

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Common Issues

Speech & Language Delay

Communication and Interaction

What is Stimming


The Meltdown

Dietary Management with Autism

Potty Training

Toilet Training

Faecal Smearing

Behaviour Issues

Challenging Behaviour

Aggressive Behaviour

Self-Injurious Behaviour

Sleeping and Autism



Hair Cutting


Parents Guide

Parents Guide - Parent Carer

Parents Survival (not ASD specific)

Fathers Guide

A Siblings Guide to Autism

Siblings Guide (for parents)

Grandparents Guide



Choosing a school

Education & Health Care Plans (UK)

School Meetings

Further Education Strategies

School Resource Pack

Break & Lunchtime Difficulties

Different Behaviour - Home/School

Letter of Differences - Home/School

Helping an ASD Child to Learn

Sex Education & Puberty

Home Educating

Choosing the RIGHT school

Medical & Professionals

Who can Help

Professionals Involved

N.I.C.E. ASD Guidelines (UK)

DSM 5 and Autism

Parenting a Child in Pain

The Doctor - Preparing for a Visit

Dealing with an ASD Patient

Melatonin Overview

Brushing Teeth and Autism

Dentist/Optician Useful Information

Dentist Social Story

Puberty & Growing Up

Puberty & ASD

Understanding Change and Transition


Sex and Relationships

Living at Home

Social Care, Housing and Health

Planning for the Long Term

Power of Attorney for Adults with ASD

Depression and Suicide in ASD

Autism and Driving a Car


Guide for Young People

Guide for Parents

Cyber Bullying

If you have any ideas or suggestions about additions to this page or are looking for some specific information or advice, please contact us.

Associated Conditions (Comorbids)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Integration Difficulties

Sensory Differences

Sensory Diets



Tourettes Syndrome







Fragile X


General Information

Explaining Autism to Children

Motivating an ASD Child

Danger/Stranger Danger


Time Perception

Developing Play & Social Skills

Activity Ideas

Explaining Death & Bereavement

Social Stories

Thomas the Tank Engine & ASD

Moving House

Autism Holiday Helpsheet

Airport Awareness Social Story

Going shopping

Night Terrors